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Why Buying a New Home is Not Difficult

Updated: May 21, 2020

Buying an older home has been a mindset for a long time. Think stunning architecture, bigger properties and the undeniable draw of old-style character. Not to mention the beautifully established gardens!

For years, it has been the obvious choice for the best return on investment, and a status symbol for most.

In terms of viewing your home purchase as an investment, there are some pivotal aspects you need to be aware of in finding the best value for money. New homes have their own set of advantages that make the choice easy and profitable.

When trying to decide, there may be small details we tend to overlook in the excitement of finding the home of our dreams. In this article, we stop and consider a few.

Safety and Efficiency

Here is something we tend to forget since things have improved at a really fast pace over relatively few years; modern can mean safer and more efficient. This has become such a part of life that we may not even notice it.

Yes, the old home with its dignity and old-timey charm is truly beautiful, we agree. But if not remodeled before your purchase, how up to standard are the materials used to manufacture the carpets, paint, and cabinets? What do the circuit breakers look like? Are there sensors that would stop the garage door or gate when a child or pet gets in the way? How energy efficient are the appliances and all other systems in the home? Make sure to check all these factors.

On the other hand, a new home will have been built to code and everything will be at the latest standard possible. You end up with the peace of mind of an environmentally safe and less costly home, both in the long and short term. And everything is new; enjoy!

Maintenance and repairs

Sitting with someone else’s problems, now suddenly yours, should not be part of the home buying experience. That new home feeling is such a rush, why spoil it? Also consider that appliances may still look good, but could need replacement sooner than you expected.

There should be a few years of problem-free living before any of these become an issue, even in an imperfect world.

With a newly constructed home, there should be a warranty on building work. Be sure to find reputable builders and ask about warranties. Normally these will cover the structure, as well as things like the paint, drywall, and stucco. Then there are the more complicated plumbing and electrical systems. The only cost you should have in this area is paying for an inspection before the warranty expires. This way you will get the full benefit thereof.

Simplicity in Gardening

Feel like you are missing out with the established-garden look? Undeniably, inheriting someone else’s years of hard work and having a garden that rivals the Botanical garden is a big draw. Maybe not as water-efficient as you’d like, definitely high on upkeep… But a lovely place to just sit and relax.

Garden design has also evolved. Think water efficiency and simplicity. The modern and contemporary can be as alluring, if not more impressive. It does not have to be expensive either. Browsing budget-friendly, modern gardens will inevitably bring up something that catches your eye. Design is now up to you, so you can explore all your dreams instead of falling in with someone else’s plans. Also, simplicity equals less upkeep. More relax-time in a beautiful garden - sorted.

Style and Space

Plots may be getting smaller, but the total square footage of homes is increasing. Building upward has always been the solution in this case. Designs are current and more stylish. You get the higher ceilings, open areas, and striking designs. Older homes do have their charismatic architecture and if you are remodeling type, things can turn out unique and classy beyond compare. So this one really depends on your taste and the size of the investment you are willing to make. This is your dream after all!

When buying a new home, remember, you are in control. It is easier to find exactly what you want than ever before while our agents are here to make sure you don’t overlook anything, even the smallest details. Schedule an appointment with us to evaluate your investment opportunities.

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