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Reasons to Invest in Orlando, Florida

Updated: May 21, 2020

If you have been considering a move to Florida, you would have seen all the great reports about the excellent weather, fun things to do and how Florida is also a lower-tax state. All great reasons. Orlando specifically has its central location which offers a few advantages. There is close proximity to stunning beaches, either way, convenient traveling for business and even a lower chance of weather devastation.

You would have gone further and noticed that jobs are growing, tourism is booming and things start to make more sense. This may just work out on a personal level. Still, a move is not so lightly evaluated. The disruption to a familiar pattern of life and leaving behind people you care about can be intimidating. This is the time to dig deeper than “maybe this could work” and find those life-changing factors in making such a huge decision. Whether you have a family to consider, a partner, or only yourself, let’s dive a bit deeper and see whether this is a good decision for YOU. Worth magazine did not call Orlando “A vision of the city of the future” for nothing! Curious?

Moving to Orlando, Florida - Three significant reasons:

Economic stability and booming infrastructure

Orlando is the first of the top 10 cities to live in, according to Forbes. One reason is that it hits the target on some crucial factors of economic stability.

Infrastructure - The influx of people due to the tourism industry have not only sprouted a diverse economy in areas such as medical and life sciences, aerospace, sports, gaming, and technology but has made expansion of infrastructure a certainty.

Billions are being invested in transportation, medical centers, and other life-quality features. Also, competitive products are ever-growing. This means lower costs and better access to products and services for you and your family. Contentment, in a word.

Job stability is a major concern, and tends to creep into private anxieties - things are going well until they aren’t. Job growth has been particularly vigorous along with the population growth. Add to this, a diversified industry, and you have a very desirable synergy.

Educational opportunities are brimming as well. Not only are schools highly reputable, but the higher education community is gaining its own status among the best. Particularly of interest is the newly accredited Florida Polytechnic University specializing in engineering, science, and technology.

Optional: Find more positive and encouraging statistics on the booming economy in our downloadable report

Entrepreneurship - This is the place to be!

At first glance, the city that has Disneyworld as one of its major attractions won’t spring to mind as a startup haven. However, if you think about it, the presence of Disney World, Epcot, and the film studios would draw creatives from around the globe. Not only has entertainment leaders drawn creatives, but other leading industries have also added their contribution. For instance, the well-established aviation, aerospace and technology sector has contributed to a highly advanced and shared expertise.

With a mixed pot of energy, creativity, and drive, you can expect a really high level of innovation. The forgiving tax climate is a contributing advantage. Business development is further supported by tax incentives for promoting targeted growth industries.

Real estate investment opportunities - A good time to get involved

There is ample opportunity in real estate investment as a direct result of the dynamic nature of the developments described. The rapidly expanding infrastructure creates a huge scope for investment. It is a matter of choosing bigger investments in large scale developments or simply getting into buying property for rental purposes. For a more comprehensive discussion on this topic, download our report

Then some more...

While work is a decisive factor in your move, available entertainment is as influential. Theme parks are great and important to the economy, but when you are looking for something else to do, there is certainly enough to choose from.

When in a cultural and artistic mood, you will enjoy visits to places like the Bok Tower Gardens or the Botanical gardens. Enjoy activities like garden & wine walks, concerts or simply unwind with a good picnic.

When you are feeling adventurous and in need of expending extra energy, there are assorted places to play. Watersport and adventure parks abound.

Nature lovers will enjoy the Safari wilderness ranch. The insect park, Gatorland and even a giraffe park are all on the menu as well.

Orlando is aptly referred to as the city of the future. What you get is not just a trendy lifestyle, but a high-functioning and prospering community.

For ‘real-feel’ insights and updated statistics to supplement your personal research, download our report. This document was written by Ryan Hinricher, a professional real estate investor, housing market analyst and change advocate. Ryan speaks from experience, having moved to Orlando himself six years ago.

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